At Green Career Central we coach passionate professionals who want to use their expertise to create, or contribute to, sustainable, restorative, and regenerative solutions that build a better world --where the land, people, wildlife, and economy thrive.
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Coaching Passionate Professionals Who are Transitioning to a Career in Sustainability
The Drum Beat of Urgency

If you are sensitive to the issues we face as we look to the future, and you are aware of the current state of the planet, there is no doubt in my mind that you feel an incessant undercurrent of urgency.

It's like a drum beat. It never stops.

You might push it away or turn the volume down on occasion, but let's face it, that drum beat is with you all day…every day…just like your heart beat!

You Feel an Internal Drive to DO Something! 
And do something NOW!

Every part of you wants to have a greater impact on the
issues that call to you.

Make a difference.        Have an impact.         Move the needle.

You must find a way to take actions that are effective, efficient, and get results as soon as possible!


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* What Do We Mean by Green*? About Carol McClelland, PhD

green socially responsible environmental sustainable

If you want to use your professional time, skills, and expertise to have a positive impact on the world, you are in the right place!

Carol McClelland, Green Career Expert Green Career Expert

Founded of Green Career Central in 2007

One of the first four career consultants
to specialize in Green Careers

Creator of the Green Economy Map

Author of Green Careers For Dummies

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Comments from Clients
"Carol McClelland's Find Your Green Focus Process was instrumental in helping me clarify and map out my career path during a time of great transition." 

-- Rose Marcario
Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer, Patagonia

"Thanks again for everything, you really are
a bright light for people in dark times."

-- Eric, Green Career Changer

"I've got my green niche! The brainstorming sessions are a great tool for capturing my random thoughts and actually organizing them into cohesive career paths. Amazing! Thank you, Carol!"

-- Taj, Green Career Changer


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